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ANNUAL Award recipients

RIOTA is announcing its annual Award and Recognition Program!


RIOTA's Award and Recognition Program!

Please review the award description and submit the following information. The RIOTA Board will review nominees and vote in each category in March. Winners will be announced at the RIOTA Spring Meeting in April (and will be notified in advance). Nominations must be submitted between January and March of benefit year. 

We are asking you to nominate yourself, or another individual, for one of the RIOTA ANNUAL AWARDS!

Please review the award description and submit nominee NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, and a short paragraph (less than 250 words) about why the individual should receive the award to RIOTA@RIOTA.ORG . The RIOTA Board will review nominees and vote in each category in March. Winners will be announced at the RIOTA Spring Meeting (and will be notified in advance).

Thank you to all RI Occupational Therapy Practitioners for all that you do we are grateful for you and Congratulations to all of our 2023 award winners

 Fieldwork Educator of the Year: Bethany Pratt

“Bethany is an exemplary fieldwork educator for OTA and MSOT students. She has implemented numerous occupation-based programs within the community, primarily in the field of mental health, that enhance the lives of the participants and promote the academic experience for OT students within the state of RI. Bethany exemplifies her enthusiasm for the profession of OT in everything she does.”

Occupational Therapy Community Impact Award: Chuck Wilmarth

“Chuck has been with AOTA for more than 20 years and has always been available to state associations in supporting local efforts in the areas of state regulations, scope of practice and payment issues. Mr. Willmarth is learning AOTA’s work in the Interstate Compact and works closely with the AOTA ASAP group. In addition to his stated duties, Mr. Willmarth is respected and appreciated by state board leadership for his willingness and ability to provide direction and guidance in the wide variety of areas within AOTA”

Occupational Therapy Practitioner of the Year: Susan Steiner

“Susan exemplifies the holistic nature of occupational therapy and the ability to adapt into cutting edge areas of practice, while empowering others to reach the height of their skills through mentorship. Her goal to support and facilitate the next generation of OTs and other professionals in the manual therapy areas in now internationally available. Susan both by her work and example is a clear picture of the breadth and depth of Occupational Therapy”

Occupational Therapy Innovator of the Year: Amy Laurent

“Dr. Laurent is an innovative occupational therapist and developmental psychologist who has spent her career supporting individuals with autism through education, advocacy, program development, creating empowerment and self advocacy programs”

Occupational Therapy Innovator of the Year: Awarded to one OTA or OT who is recognized for bringing attention to occupational therapy nationally, locally, or outside the profession.

2021 Winner: Kristi Langslet

2022 Winner: Joanne Knowles

Community Impact Award: Awarded to an individual who is recognized for going above and beyond their role to bring awareness of occupational therapy or to serve individuals in need in the state of RI. This does not need to be an OT practitioner, open to any individual

2021 Winner: Carolyn Kosiba-Quiterio

2022 Winner: Lori Cillino

OT/OTA Excellence in Collaboration Award: Awarded to a OTA/OT team who exemplify the relationship and collaborative, intraprofessional values of the profession.

2021 Winner: Karen Morgenstein and Patricia McGee

2022 Winner: Kelly Lee and Arriana Silva

OT Practitioner of the Year: Awarded to one OTA and/or one OT who exemplify the values of occupational therapy.

2021 Winner OTA: Karen Morgenstein OT: Justin Oakley

2022 Winner: OTA: Courtney McElwany OT: Mary Bronson

Fieldwork Educator of the Year: Awarded to one OTA and one OT who has exemplified mentorship and willingness to assist in guiding students to completion of fieldwork.

2021 Winner: Eliazbeth Remillard

2022 Winner: Erin Raimondi

About the association

The function and powers of RIOTA include:

  1. Act as an advocate for the profession of occupational therapy.

  2. Improve and advance the education and collaboration of occupational therapy practitioners.

  3. Promote research in the profession of occupational therapy.

  4. Encourage high standards.

  5. Engage in other professional and community activities to further the dissemination of knowledge of the practice of occupational therapy.  

  6. Cooperate with other individuals or groups concerned with health-related issues.

  7. Increase consumer awareness of application of occupational therapy practice in the community and the scope of occupational therapy practice to assist an individual to achieve life pursuits.




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